Micro-Macro-cosmic Stardust Consciousness Cascade of Mirth and Reverence

Fill yourself with Chi, then flow It through your heart chakra to EVERYONE

Hey I'm Elizabeth and this is my LJ. Hekas, hekas, este bibeloi. Hail and welcome.
I really do have stuff in here about all those interests listed in my profile,
but especially about loving, healing, growing magick and transformation/transmutation... which may have transformative effects on YOU...

Don't say I didn't warn you. Enter at risk to preconceptions and punymindedness, and other unwhirled peas. Pay no attention to woman behind curtain, she knows what she is doing. Lurking will eventually result in happy exposure. Exposure to site may cause lucid dreaming, spontaneous exit from body, and/or general overhaul of former worldview. Do not stop after passing go.

Vertigo has been experienced upon reaching point of no return. Revolution will not be televised. In case of emergence, break glass of your monitor, inhale ambrosial nectar mist from your drop-down mask (place on child's face before your own) and if you are seated next to a link, take it and slide up the the rubber raft to infinity.

Vive la difference: holographic tolerance extends to all angles and fragments representative of the whole. 100% organic with no GMOs.

Side effects may include perspiring palms, rapid heartbreath, sense of floating/heaviness/vibrations, buzzing or high-speed whistling sounds, possible sense that arms or legs have switched sides, sudden and intense cravings for milk and honey, seeing through closed eyelids including flashes of lightning, disillusionment.

Every woman and man is a Star. No expiration date. No batteries required as flywheel of enlightenment is in use; creative sparks may occur. Create your own path as depicted in fig. xvii.

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